Vastu for Bedroom and Happy Relationship between family members


Your home environment has an impact on both your personality and your romantic life. Space balancing significantly enhances the quality of life in all spheres. One of the key regions of the house is the position of the bedroom. The bedroom serves as a multipurpose private space where one can rest, unwind, daydream, fall in love, meditate, read, write, and heal from disease.

The first thing you should do if your relationship is plagued by conflicts, aggression, or disruption is to get rid of those bad influences. A shady partnership requires immediate rectification. Some partnerships are unhealthy for your life and destructive.

If your bedroom is Vastu-designed, it will help you feel refreshed all night long and allow you to wake up feeling rejuvenated. The relationship, health, and overall quality of life are impacted by bedroom energy. The bedroom must have a serene, unwinding ambiance that improves mood. Making a bedroom romantic is especially crucial. Most importantly, your bedroom is your safe haven. A couple’s relationship is strengthened by a good Vastu setup.

An important consideration for Bedroom Vastu


  • The bed should not be facing the room entrance door. This will result in unstable energy in the bedroom.
  • There should not be an elevator (lift) or a staircase behind the wall. It is like traffic causing a disturbance in restful sleep.
  • A  Bed facing bathroom may cause a bad temper and career problems.
  • It is always good to have space on both sides of the bed. If there is one side bed it indicates a block of energy in a relationship.
  • The right side is male energy and the left side is female energy. Hence wife should always sleep on the left side of the husband.
  • Avoid round or oval-shaped beds. This will result in unstable energy in the bedroom.
  • It is not right to have an overhead beam. Do not place a bed below a beam. When a beam is above the bed and divides the bed, it can divide the couple.
  • This should not be a toilet or kitchen on another side of the headrest.
  • Avoid cell phones, computers, etc. in your bedroom. They are distractions and also serve as a health hazard.
  • Cut the clutter. An unorganized and tidy bedroom blocks the love channel. Nothing new flows into your love life until you make room for it. Make sure you only have things in your bedroom that you need and that bring you joy.
  • Avoid images of the water features in the bedroom. It creates an imbalance of energy for sleeping well. A water feature negatively affects a couple’s relationship when placed in the bedroom. It is best to display water elements in other parts of the house.  This includes artwork featuring water-like scenes of the ocean, river, or waterfalls. According to some Vastu experts, The element of water in your Bedroom can invite financial losses.
  • Sprinkle water made with rose quartz stone. It removes barriers blocking true love.
  • A beautiful pair of birds in the bedroom signifies love and infinity. Avoid using birds in odd numbers. The relationship symbol enhances family interaction and provides a feeling of being together.


Bedroom direction in the South-West

The Southwest corner of your home is a direction that dictates marriage and love. The power spot for relationships and harmony is said to be in the southwest. The owner is assured of strength and stability if the master bedroom is in the southwest zone. Your love life will get better, and your capacity for love will be maximized.

Bedroom direction in the South-East

Vastu predicts that a bedroom in the southeast will lead to miscommunication, frequent disputes, tense conflicts, and disagreements between the pair. The male member may have increased blood pressure because the fire element rules this location. Many couples have experienced major problems in their marriages as a result of bedrooms in the southeast. 


Bedroom location towards the north-west

If the family head chooses southwest, this is the second-best place for the pair to utilize as a bedroom (parents). Instability in your profession or business might result from this room. On the plus side, there may be prospects for international business or employment. People who reside in the north-western bedroom typically travel for work.

Bedroom direction in the north-east

The northeast quadrant is a zone of tranquility. This space ought to be used as a place of worship. It should be rigorously avoided being used as the couple’s bedroom. The couple may experience difficulties conceiving if their bedroom is in the northeast. Additionally, it causes frequent illness.

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