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Vastu Tips for Bedroom and Happy Relationship between Husband & Wife

Your life revolves around your home. The very centre of your life, has a major impact on your personality and life.

Balancing of any space on the principles of Vastu, enhances the quality of life significantly, be it on personal front, professional front, or health.

While the entire house has a major role to play in life, the place for you to go to is “Your Bedroom”. It’s where you rest, or spend time with your spouse, or for yourself for that matter. 

And, the entire experience of life changes, if your bedroom is Vastu Compliant. To wake up to a fresh day, all you need is a good night’s sleep, and your bedroom being in the right position is the very key to it. Also, your bedroom must have a serene, unwinding ambiance that improves mood, as they say, “Your bedroom is your safe haven.” A couple’s relationship is strengthened if Vastu Principles are honored while the bedroom is being positioned, designed, and decorated.

So here are some points, to be kept in mind, as you get your bedroom designed.
  • We suggest different zones of bedroom, for different members of the family, and the basis of the zonal allocation is “What they do, “or “what is their age”
  • Students should sleep with their head in East, while South side head position is recommended for the Grownups.
  • Bedroom positioned in the North-East, with “Shikhi” being the resident devta here, gives wisdom and clarity, and projection for the future. While one may get clarity of mind, sleep can be restless, as this is a zone of Awakening. And the mind wouldn’t be able to get into a resting position. 
  • A Bedroom, when positioned in the North or North-East, may boost immunity for the elderly and sick people, but it acts like an overdose of multivitamins for the healthy and young people. Sleeping here on a temporary basis can be beneficial, but a permanent bedroom in this zone is not suggested
  • Positioning of a bedroom in Northeast is a strict No-No. Bedroom in this zone, comes with behavioural irritation and can lead to loss of memory
  • Bedroom, positioned in the East or Northeast, brings in the ability to move on in life. One doesn’t brood over his/her past, when sleeping in this zone. Therefore, feels rejuvenated and happy
  • East is a zone of Social Connectivity. Anyone nurturing an ambition of a highly successful public life, should be positioned in the east side bedroom. East also brings along Political Connection or Work to one’s life
  • Southwest corner of your home is a direction that dictates marriage and love. The power spot for relationships and harmony is said to be in the south-west. The owner is assured of strength and stability if the master bedroom is in the southwest zone. Your love life will get better, and your capacity for love will be maximised.
  • Vastu predicts that a bedroom in the southeast will lead to miscommunication, frequent disputes, tense conflicts, and disagreements between the pair. The male member may have increased blood pressure because the fire element rules this location. Many couples have experienced major problems in their marriages because of bedrooms in the southeast.


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