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Restore peace with these 5 vastu tips for home

The science of Vastu Shastra or Vastu, as it is popularly known as, is over 5000 years old. These Vastu tips for home are generally considered to bring peace and prosperity to homeowners. The ‘science of construction’ aka. Vastu Shastra offers Vastu tips for health and positive energy.

Vastu tips for home are nothing more than a detailed list of suggestions for newly constructed homes and land. These include instructions on where to build doors, bedrooms etc., and also on Vastu Shastra color. In Vastu tips for homes such as housing projects in Kolkata, directions play an important role. The right kind of energy plays a very important role in the home and well-being of its residents. Thus these tips will bring balance and good vibes to your family. But what if you purchase a home, for example, a ready to move flats in New Town Kolkata, where construction changes are not possible? These Vastu tips for homes can be implemented without any major changes, such as changing the layout, i.e, these measures can be observed in any home!

5 vastu tips for home

Let’s see what these free Vastu tips for home are and how you can use them in your home.

1. Vastu tips for home doorway and entrance

Vastu Shastra says that the main door of your home should face in the north, east, or northeast directions. This is to ensure optimal energy entering your home. When you step out of your entrance, you should face the north, east, or northeast direction. The entrance according to Vastu is an archway to victory and progress in life.

Other Vastu tips for home for your entrance are to construct it with wood that is of high quality. The doorway should look the most appealing of all doors in the house. A way to make your home more attractive can be to decorate the doorway with beautiful nameplates and auspicious torans. But important Vastu tips for happy home are to avoid placing fountains, shoe racks, or animal statues outside the front door. You should also avoid painting the entrance door black and ensure that it is always well-lit.

2. Vastu shastra colour tips for health and home

These state that you should choose the right colors. Certain colors have the ability to reduce negativity by absorbing these negative vibes or energies. These include colours like a chrome yellow shade and a bright orange. If there is an area that always looks cluttered despite always cleaning up, use these tricks in your home. Paint the walls in those areas with these colours or try placing candles, flowers, and towels in that area.

If someone in your home is facing depression or is prone to constant allergies, try these vastu tips for health. Use these colors of chrome yellow and bright orange as a pillow cover or by putting on a bed sheet.

3. Keep indoor plants to improve Vastu in your home

Keeping indoor plants can be extremely beneficial in the home. Vastu tips for health state that it is essential to keep indoor plants in the home as well as commercial places like those in Kolkata office space for the well-being of all those residing there.

4. Vastu tips for positive energy in home: Ensure there is a constant circulation

Make sure that your house is well ventilated as per vastu tips for home and that there is enough air circulation inside the house. There should be ample sunlight. In situations where this is not possible, make sure the interiors of the home are well-lit by bright lights. You should also keep all windows of the home open for at least 2 – 3 hours daily. In the evenings, light a Diya near a water source in your home. This will protect and improve the general well-being of everyone in your home.

5. Vastu tips for home kitchen

The southeast direction of the kitchen is considered to be an idyllic spot. Paint this in bright colors to activate the fire elements as per Vastu shastra colour tips for home. Choose from colours like yellow, pink, peach, or brown, and avoid shades of red and black. Make sure to keep the gas burner or stove in a southeast direction. The sink or wash basin should face northeast and spice and grain jars in the south or west direction.

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